"Best" distro for a lower spec machine

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Tue Jul 20 23:54:11 PDT 2004

On Wed 21 Jul 2004 07:51, Jeremy Henty wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 07:16:36AM +0100, Jeremy Henty wrote:
> > Doesn't beat the time I claimed to have a 233Hz processor!
> Addendum: it was actually a 196Hz processor, but I overclocked it by
> swapping the tuning fork for a smaller one.  w00t!
As long as we're bragging, My first box was a 1.77Mhz Z-80A with 4K RAM

Before that I used to play trek on an IBM-360


	John Gay
(And yes, my beard IS turning grey (-; )

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