Where is Bent Linux?

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Tue Jul 20 06:38:45 PDT 2004

2004-07-20T13:27:04 tino rozzo:
> Have a URL for it?


At the moment, Bent Linux consists of:

- the bpm package manager, very very simple, turns spec files that
  look like

	pkg bash-2.05b

	url http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/bash/bash-2.05b.tar.gz

	build \
	    tar xzf bash-2.05b.tar.gz
	    cd bash-2.05b
	    CFLAGS=-Os ./configure --enable-static-link --enable-readline --with-installed-readline \
	        --prefix=/ --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info \
	    make prefix=$BPM_ROOT mandir=$BPM_ROOT/usr/share/man \
	        infodir=$BPM_ROOT/usr/share/info install
	    ln -s bash $BPM_ROOT/bin/sh
	    rm -f $BPM_ROOT/usr/share/info/dir

  into cpio.bz2 files ready to install.

- bpms for bpm itself, ogdlutils, which bpm requires, uClibc,
  Busybox, the full dev chain (gcc, binutils, ...) and everything
  else I've wanted

Installing involves using _somthing_ --- any Linux live-CD would
be spiffy --- to partition the disk, unpack the bpms you want. A
kernel, busybox, and a bootloader (I've bpm-ed lilo) suffices to get
things cooking. Finally install the bootloader (e.g. run lilo) and
Bent is read to rock. Bent is LFS-inspired, but uses uClibc and
static linking, so it's definitely a varient distro.

> Do all linux installations need a swap file [...]

Nope, many Linux installations run happily out of RAM alone, and
some (Bent is among them) run fine out of a pure initrd.

> [...] and knowledge of the monitor you are using?

Monitor? What monitor? Some of my Bent linux installs run with a
serial console.

It's a lot handier if you have _some_ kind of console, but Linux
isn't picky about it.

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