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> Hi guys,
> As some of you may be aware (from some previous postings) I have been
> working on an internet cafe for my local scout association camp site.
> After much messing around with wireless networks and firewalling I am
> a stage where I need to install some software onto the machines that
> "customers" will be using.
> I want something that will allow word processing, spread sheet work
> (preferably compatible with MicroShaft Office) and web browsing. There
> really doesn't need to be much else on the system. It doesn't' matter
> it's a bit older and not so up to date as it is all firewalled etc and
> don't perceive there to be an internal security threat (well, I hope).
> Does any one have any suggestions as to what would be a good distro.
> I had the time I would do an LFS for them but the deadline is only 2
> weeks away and I have to much work on to even consider it.
> The machines are all something in the area off P100-166, 16-64mb,
> hdd's.
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments, as ever they will be
> appreciated.

I have got Mandrake 9.0 running on a P200 with 64 MB and 1.5G HDD ....
supports Open Office but it was very slow ..... better when I increased
ram to 128.

Also tried to load it on a P120 laptop with ram maxed-out at 48MB but
would not complete the install routines (even in text mode) ...... not
enough memory I think ....... failed when trying to build the table of
installable components.

But Knoppix V3.1 did run off CD_Rom on the P120 laptop even though it
was soooooo slow ...... again not enough real memory and a lot of CPU
cycles obviously sacrificed to decompress the CD-ROM partition on the


Tony Sauri

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