LFS on my i386/20

Bryan Breen Bryan.C.Breen.1 at gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 19 13:06:09 PDT 2004

At 21:52 7/19/04 +0100, mrnobby wrote:
>My next mad project? I would like to move into supercomputing. I have
>plans to build a 'render-farm' using several headless 486's and maybe
>the 386 as the master (even though it is called Slave), and run POV-ray
>across them.
>Of course, these machines will be running LFS! ;-))
>Mr Nobby.

Congratulations on the success of your incredibly long running project
(I've enjoyed the updates as you've gone along).

With your "render farm", it might be noteworthy to include specs on the
amount of power the little boxes are consuming. It's all well and good that
old "clunkers" can be put to some use. One just has to start to question
where to draw the line between "recycling" old PCs and the amount of
environmental "damage" they end up causing due to them being so much more
power hungry/inefficient compared to "not so old" PCs. One little 386
ticking away in the corner is pretty funny/amusing. A dozen or more of them
taxing away isn't going to seem to "funny" once the power bill rolls in and
your 3D image isn't even half way done. :)

But hey, at least with a farm of 386/486s, you won't have to worry to much
about saturating the network bandwidth. :)


- Bryan

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