LFS on my i386/20

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Mon Jul 19 13:52:19 PDT 2004

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> I have taken it upon myself to fulfil my masochistic desires and
> LFS 5.0 on the following machine:

Hello All,

My apologies for being so late, but this project successfully completed
on 4 July 2004 after 113 days, 8 Hours:

As you can see I have started on some BLFS packages, and intend to add
more as and when I feel like it.

In May I took compile times for various other cpu's & memory
configurations (from 486 all the way through to a SMP system). I have
not collated the results yet, but hopefully I can get around to this in
the next week or so. The numbers should be interesting side-by-side.

My next mad project? I would like to move into supercomputing. I have
plans to build a 'render-farm' using several headless 486's and maybe
the 386 as the master (even though it is called Slave), and run POV-ray
across them.

Of course, these machines will be running LFS! ;-))

Mr Nobby.

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