Bennett Todd bet at
Wed Jul 14 06:10:37 PDT 2004

2004-07-14T12:37:33 Björn Lindberg:
> Bennett Todd <bet at> writes:
> > And I've been told folks where I work have been rassling with
> > compatibility problems between older and newer ksh's (they didn't
> > avoid shell-specific features).
> ksh93 has some significant features beyond ksh88, for example it has
> floating point arithmetic.

Unless the folks who told me were mistaken, _somewhere_ along the
line there were some backwards-compat issues introduced, such that
some scripts that folks have written broke when ksh was updated.

I'm sure the same is possible with any language, but thanks to
Bourne Shell's long history there is a common subset of behavior
that doesn't get deliberately broken.

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