Bennett Todd bet at
Tue Jul 13 14:40:33 PDT 2004

2004-07-13T21:16:05 Björn Lindberg:
> Bennett Todd <bet at> writes:
> > Since ksh has attempted to swing around to being more Posixy, I
> > expect you're right.
> I had the impression that it is the POSIX shell standard that is more
> or less based on ksh (or rather, based on Bourne shell but
> incorporating ksh extensions at the time). Bash in turn derives most
> of its beyond Bourne-extensions fron ksh. I believe that ksh88 is
> quite close to POSIX in that it is both compliant, and does not have
> too many extensions of its own.

Whereas I had the impression that as the POSIX standard was
being settled, bash was being adapted to be its first reference
implementation; where details differed from ksh, for some time bash
complied and ksh didn't.

Thanks for the POSIX shell ptrs and tips.

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