Jason Kircher cdrradar at
Mon Jul 12 12:05:08 PDT 2004

On Monday 12 July 2004 13:57, Shane Shields wrote:
> On Monday 12 July 2004 7:40 am, Jason Kircher wrote:
> > On Sunday 11 July 2004 23:51, Shane Shields wrote:
> > I'm one for readability, even if it's a touch lengthy.
> >
> > for $i in {'file 1', 'James Kirk', 'Spock', 'Leonard McCoy'} ; do
> How can that be more readable? There is more margin for typo's too.....
> Just tried it. That doesn't work.
> locutus:~$ for $i in {'file 1', 'James Kirk', 'Spock', 'Leonard McCoy'} ;
> do echo $i;done
> bash: `$i': not a valid identifier
> The variable in the for statement can't have a $ in front of it because it
> is being assigned a value.
> However this does but does not give the required results.
> locutus:~$ for i in {'file 1', 'James Kirk', 'Spock', 'Leonard McCoy'} ; do
> echo $i;done
> {file 1,
> James Kirk,
> Spock,
> Leonard McCoy}
> This does give the required results.
> locutus:~$ for i in 'file 1' 'James Kirk' 'Spock' 'Leonard McCoy' ; do echo
> $i;done
> file 1
> James Kirk
> Spock
> Leonard McCoy
> As bash uses space seperation (or whatever the IFS is set at) the brackets
> and comma's are considered part of the word.
> --
> Shane Shields

YEEK!  Uuh...  *slams head through desk* *puts on dunce hat*  My bad.  It's 
when I pull stunts like the following that I stick in braces...

for i in file.{1,2,3,4} ; do echo $i ; done

Now I know that in that you can subsitute `seq 1 4`, but...  A little more 
bashfu for everyone!  :D
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