SiS5513 causes seizure

Jason Kircher cdrradar at
Sat Jul 10 23:06:41 PDT 2004

I'm trying to install linux on a Monorail 7400 computer - I'll give the specs 
in a sec.  Short of it is, I try to boot the kernel, and upon probing for 
drives (apparently) it causes an oops.  (Unable to handle kernel exception 
error, something like that)  I pass "ide0=noprobe ide1=noprobe", and it boots 
the initrd fine, just no IDE devices, thus it's the IDE driver that's the 

Okies, onto specifics.  I plan on using Slackware 10.0 as the base system to 
start an LFS build.  (However, if I can't get the IDE devices to work, ...!)  
I tried "bare.i vga=extended hda=3303,16,63,65535,14 hdc=cdrom" to manually 
specify the device parameters, but all permutations I could think of to 
"hda=xxx" result in "-- BAD OPTION" errors.  That was the last great idea I 

I'd cut & paste the messages, but since the machine dies on even trying to 
fire up the kernel, that comes under neat trick.

Before, the CD was hdd, not hdc.  I played with the jumper, and successfully 
moved it to hdc, thinking that might be the problem.  Nope.  (However, Win95 
still boots fine as if nothing happened.)

The Monorail 7400 I have is box-stock, no modifications, though I have a 6G 
drive with the Monorail's name on it, if I could get this to work...!

Here's a pretty good site that contains details on the insides of a Monorail:

Monorail 7400
CPU:  Intel Pentium-MMX 166MHz (33MHz bus speed)
Memory:  16M 60ns, not upgraded  (at the moment)
HDC controller:  SiS5513
hda:  1.6G Seagate Medalist
hdc:  16x CD-ROM  (Capable of reading CDR, CDRW media)
I/O:  PS2 keyboard + mouse, 1 serial port, 1 parallel port, 1 built-in 33.6 
Video:  C&T 65548 1M memory, 640x480 DTSC LCD screen
Audio:  SB clone (not sure exactly)
No network (slip/ppp via modem, may be able to use PLIP via parallel transfer 

Any thoughts?  I'd hate to be a slave to M$ with the thing, it's still a neat 
and highly portable machine.

Thanks in advance.

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