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Eric Eric at
Fri Jul 9 04:10:06 PDT 2004

tino rozzo wrote:

> Hopefully, I'll get my computer back this Monday. I hope to start the LFS OS system. I'll use the Online books. Any Advise?
> How long does it take to put the OS together?

It takes me about ~7 (including typing) hrs to build lfs on my hardware.
  * AMD Athlon 2500+
  * 512MB DDR 3200

however on my Compaq Presario POS 400Mhz, it took it about 2 days to
build (non-stop, I think I pushed it to its limit) using chris's bootcd, 
and then running the makefile.

AMD K6 400Mhz
192MB PC-100
128MB Swap
2.6GB HD

Eric Hobbs

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