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cedric at
Thu Jul 8 14:32:27 PDT 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 18:30, tino rozzo wrote:
> Hopefully, I'll get my computer back this Monday. I hope to start the LFS
> OS system. I'll use the Online books. Any Advise?

Backup your data before you start, and moreover backup the resulting 'bare 
bone' system. I found this to be very usefull as a base for bootable CD's

Also you could consider the package management hint:
I install all of my programs as a 'package user' so uninstalling is as easy as 
deleting all the files of that user. I use the following script for it:

# cat add_package_user
echo preparing $1

echo adding user...
useradd -g packages $1 || echo 'user already exists!' &&
echo making home directory...
mkdir /home/$1 || echo 'home directory already exists' &&
mkdir -p /home/$1/.distcc &&
echo 'localhost' > /home/$1/.distcc/hosts &&
chown  $1:packages /home/$1/.distcc/ &&
chown  $1:packages /home/$1/.distcc/hosts &&
chown  $1:packages /home/$1 &&
echo logging in...
su - $1

Hope you succeed,
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