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Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Jul 8 11:54:17 PDT 2004

On 7/8/2004 14:30, tino rozzo wrote:

> How long does it take to put the OS together? And can I use my logo's
> with out knowing a Programming language?

For boot logos?  If that's the case, then yes, you can.  Just read the
appropriate documentation of grub or lilo to figure out how to get them
to display your logo

> PS The DOS system I wanted to creat would be a simple Linux DOS like
> Windows DOS. Just a few commands, especially for files and FTP/CDRom
> Controls.

You may want to search for floppy based Linux distributions and use them
as a guide for what you need at a minimum.  You can then add binaries
that give you "dir", "copy" and other DOS style commands.  If you can
just learn the UNIX/Linux command line tools they work at least as well
and usualy better, so you'd probably be better off just learning to use
them.  A pretty good comparison/mapping is at:
<>  Also, see
the hints section about creating a minimal Linux.

Two of the most popular command line ftp clients are ncftp (my favorite)
and lftp (others).  They are both easy and non-complicated to install
from source




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