Linux memory usage and swap files

Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Jul 8 10:00:32 PDT 2004

On 7/8/2004 10:22, Gareth Westwood wrote:

> Is there a way to initiate a clear out of memory/swap? I got 512 mb in 
> this box and it is nearly always round the top 90% mark. I can't believe 
> that it's all still in use.

The easiest way to clear swap is to: swapoff && swap on /dev/...

The reason why all your RAM is in use is because the ivory tower says
that any unused RAM is wasted RAM.  Most of it is probably a cache of
bits of your file system.  See the link in my previous post for more

If you don't like that policy then perhaps you might consider FreeBSD or
something else.




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