I leave the project

cedric cedric.de.wijs at softhome.net
Thu Jul 8 11:36:39 PDT 2004

> In spite of being well aware of these issues, and the trouble they will
> cause for each and every LFS-6.0 builder who chooses to build most (or
> all) of their hardware drivers as modules, the "editors" have decided
> that the book has no place to either help these people with these issues
> (which was Alexander's choice) or to warn them of the issues so they can
> avoid them until they have time to learn how to deal with them (my
> choice). I have been told point-blank that if LFS builders are not
> already aware of these issues and how to deal with them ("module loading
> is a basic part of kernel knowledge" was what I was told, even though
> introducing udev and hotplug into the mix radically changes things),
> then they shouldn't be building LFS.
> That decision means that LFS-6.0 is targeted at people who are already
> experienced with 2.6, udev, hotplug and the like, and how they interact.
> If that is the case, the "required prerequisites" for LFS-6.0 need to be
> radically altered, and will have to direct people to read non-existent
> documentation on how these packages can interact.

I'm sorry to hijack your tread, and even more sorry you're leaving. I don't 
know the how and why, but i think you're right about the above.

I would like to point out that linux from scratch is the best collection of 
knowlidge i ever came across. This has totally taken away my 'cold water' 
fear of compiling. As a linux newbe i began my first build at the time of 

The build went perfectly as i copy-and-paste it. i find this a most important 
feature of LFS. I think a total newbe should be able to build LFS. For users 
who wants to do more, or different i find the idea of hints a resonable 

Therefore i don't like the idea LFS-6.0 is targetted at people who are already 
experienced with 2.6, udev, hotplug and the like. This means leaving those 
bits out, or warn the reader there could be some pitfalls, and redirect them 
to where more info is found about it. (i guess a hint would be nice there)

The only dumb question is the one omitted

De enige domme vraag is degene die niet gesteld wordt

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