I leave the project

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 7 13:54:32 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Kevin - did you see what I'd said would be in the testing branch? 
> hotplug is *not* going into LFS-6.0 precisely because of the problems
> that Alexander, yourself & Ian have been discussing.  You accuse me (and
> others) of not listening, yet you blatantly then demonstrate that exact
> same behaviour yourself by rambling on about hotplug that isn't even
> going into the branch, precisely because I (for one) did listen to your
> discussions.

Was this thread about testing? No, it was not. It was about Alexander's 
efforts to work on problems that had been identified in unstable. Saying 
that I'm "rambling on about stuff that's not even going into the branch" 
seems to be quite a misstatement, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

You'll note that my comments did not specify any branch, nor did 
Alexander's comments. We were all working on things to go into unstable, 
so that they could later move to testing. When that might happen doesn't 
really matter, at least to me. We have identified problems with what 
currently exists in unstable, it makes sense to try to solve those 
problems, not just leave them there because those problems won't be 
moving into the next testing branch, right?

We have users building unstable now; we have users who are not 
"2.6/udev/hotplug" experts building unstable now; we will continue to 
have users building unstable even after the testing branch is made. Our 
efforts to resolve these problems were directed only at unstable. In 
spite of that, we were told that our suggestions would never be put in 
the book, unstable/testing/stable or otherwise.

I fully agree that hotplug should not be going into testing, so please 
don't accuse me of not listening. When you (and others) posted your list 
of what would be going into testing, I was about to respond that I felt 
that hotplug should not, until you beat me to it :-) There has not been 
any reason for me to be involved in the discussions of what 
should/should not go into testing, but I'll say for the record right now 
that I believe the decisions you've already made are right on target. 
Delaying testing any longer to try to resolve any of these issues would 
be a bad thing, given how long it's already taken to reach this point.

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