Promise 20269 freezes my LFS

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Tue Jul 6 04:18:11 PDT 2004


After hours of research on the net (without real success), I would like to
ask here if anyone can help.

I have the following system:
Asus A7V133 (with IDE and Promise 20265)
ATI Rage2000
2 Promise 20269 (Ultra133TX2)
5 Samsung SV1203N (120GB)
1 Toshiba SD-M1712
300W power supply
LFS 5.0 with kernel 2.4.26

1 HDD and the DVD-ROM are connected to the board's IDE controller (hda,
The onboard Promise 20265 is not used.
4 HDD are connected to the two Promise 20269 (hde, hdg, hdi, hdk).
All drives are master.

I have created a RAID5 on /dev/hd[egik]1 as described in the SoftRAID howto,
using the complete space available for each partition. The RAID is marked as
"dirty, degraded, recovering" -- as it should be.

However, after about 1:20 hours (of 2 hours estimated total sync time) the
system freezes completely. Nothing works any more. No SSH, no keyboard
input, no ping. Nothing.

The logs don't tell anything unusual (whilst I am not a pro, so perhaps I am
missing a hidden spot). After reboot (hard reset), the RAID array is found
and started again. The resync process starts from the beginning, with the
same result as before.

I disabled all IRQs not needed (both serial ports, parallel port). I
disabled the 20265 BIOS load as well. Interrupts for all controllers are

With RAID0, I have not experienced this problem, although I haven't tested
much. Synchronization is not necessary on RAID0, so maybe it happens there
too -- only later...?

Does anybody have experienced similar faults and can help me in any way?
Some hints what to try maybe?



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