Noob questions: ELF binaries, a.out, and xmkmf

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Jul 5 15:41:50 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Steve wrote:

> Hi;
> I decided to be a good boy and read the prerequisites listed in the LFS
> book.
> I just finished the howto on compiling software and I have some questions.
> What are "ELF Binaries"?
 google for 'ELF' - there is a HOWTO about it (usually, is a helpful place to search).  It's just
the file format that most of us use.

> If I follow the LFS book with modern hardware will I ever need to deal
> with ELF binaries, a.out binaries, or using xmkmf to make my own make files?
> Just curious.

 Well, you'll almost certainly _run_ ELF binaries.  You can forget
a.out.  I suppose you can use xmkmf if you want to ( uses it, some
X applications use it, but most programmers on linux just use regular
Makefiles.  Most users barely look at the Makefiles.  LFS/BLFS users
maybe look at them a bit more than most - once you move on to using
bleeding-edge software, you need to fix it when it breaks.  I doubt if
more than a handful of people here know much about the ELF format.

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