Listening to audio CDs

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Mon Jul 5 05:30:03 PDT 2004

dennis <w32 at> writes:

> Björn Lindberg wrote:
> > What is the simplest way of listening to audio CDs on my LFS system,
> > in terms of programs needed and command line interface?
> > Björn
> I installed dcd, a simple command-line cd player which you can find
> via freshmeat or sourceforge. I'm sure there must be better cd players
> out there --- or at least newer --- but this worked. It was also
> simple enough to tweak. In case you're interested, here are my tweaks,
> (according to notes made in March):

Thanks. I tried both cdplay and dcd, and dcd seems to be exactly what
I wanted.

> I made /dev/dcd the default device, then used symbolic links to point
> /dev/dcd to either my CD burner or my DVD player. (I think there are
> command line options for this, but better to do it once than always,
> says I). This is accomplished by changing the Makefile to read
> "CDROM=/dev/dcd"
> I disabled musicbrainz access. This means that I can't get a list of
> music titles, but it also means I'm not annoyed by "Warning: CD not
> found on" whenever I'm offline. This is
> accomplished by setting (commenting out) "#NETWORK=1" in the
> Makefile. I also deleted mbo.c, (just making sure).

I'm always online, so no problem for me. :-)

> (Now build dcd, in the usual way).
> As root, "chmod a+s /usr/bin/dcd" so that unprivileged users can play CDs.

This does not sound good to me. If the dcd binary is not secure, it
may compromise your system. Better, I think, is to create a group for
the users who are allowed to access the CD/DVD device, and give that
group read (& write?) access to the device.


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