please release a text version of lfs/blfs book

The Old Fellow nowhere at
Sun Jul 4 23:28:55 PDT 2004

cedric wrote:
> Hi all, Is it possible to release a text version of the (b)lfs book?
> I find this a bit easyer than a html version, because this requires a browser, 
> witch i don't have at the start of the (re)build.
> Thanks in advance
> Cedric


This is easy to do yourself with lynx:

1) download the NO-CHUNKS version of the book from

2) run: lynx -dump file:/whatever > LFS-book.txt

Hey presto, a text version.  For BLFS you'll need to generate the 
NO-CHUNKS version yourself as the webiste doesn't carry one, get the XML 
and use xsltproc to create it (with help, in necessary from someone who 
can remember how to do that!)

The Old Fellow
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