First Contact

Bruce H. McCosar bmccosar at
Sun Jul 4 05:01:11 PDT 2004

Greetings, everyone.

I'm calling this thread 'First Contact' because I'm
stepping out of the shadows.

So far, I have built three versions of LFS:

1. LFS 5.1.1, host Debian 3.0r2 -- successful, but
not pretty.  I learned a lot, though.

2. LFS 5.1.1 / BLFS, host Debian 'testing' -- almost
a perfect build.  Some odd problems with kernel

3. ULFS (Unstable, Version CVS-20040623), host
Fedora Core 2.  By far the most successful build 
so far.  I'm not sure how the entirely non-modular
kernel will work out (no problems so far), but
I attribute part of the success of this build to
working under Fedora / GNOME . . . I was able to
cut-and-paste most of the command lines, thereby
reducing the chance of a typo causing some weird
effect during the install (that's what happened
several times with #1, particularly with a few

I'm writing this message in lfs-chat because I'm
really writing to say thank you to Gerard Beekmans
and the LFS community.  I build all three systems
using only the info available on the net.  When I
had a problem, I used the LFS site search or Google
and was able to find an answer usually within a few
minutes.  That, to me, was amazing.  The knowledge
base that is out there is really the thing that
makes this project go.

I'm a relative newcomer to Linux, having gotten into
it through Perl.  I programmed in Perl on Windows, but
the further I advanced, the more frustrated I got with
the complete lack of programming / API facility there.
This led me to cygwin, which got me hooked on using
Bash, which . . . well, the end result:  Windows
erased entirely, and my computer running any of four
Linux distros (Fedora, Debian, the two LFS versions).

The amount I've learned in doing this project was
easily equivalent to a college course.

I'd like to give back to the community in the best
way I can.  I'm not sure how to approach it, though.
I can certainly provide feedback on the procedures.
Development work may be a bit beyond my abilities
right now.

In case anyone's interested, I kept a written
journal during the last build, with some key
comments and results of the gcc testsuite sorted
and compared at the end.  The only build that
failed was Grub (didn't pass its testsuite).  This
wasn't a problem, because I use the Grub that came
with Fedora as the main launcher.

Again, thanks everyone,

--Bruce H. McCosar

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