diff ,patch and mp3s

Stuart Sears stuart at sjsears.com
Sat Jul 3 03:16:52 PDT 2004

michael wrote:
> Hello,i came across the following problem:wishing to set up a backup  
> scheme for my music mp3 directory,i made a copy of it to a separate  
> partition with dd ,mounted it and then ran diff when the original   
> received a new addition.I intended then to put the patch command in 
> cron  ,and i'd then have automatic backup .But patch always returns 
> 'only  garbage found in diffout file '.I suspect that is because diff 
> only works  for text,is that right?Thanks for any answers,michael
An ideal app for keeping and refreshing directory backups is (arguably) 

rsync -av /orginal/mp3/dir/ /backup/mp3/dir

which will not overwrite existing files with the same names.
It will even do 'diffs' (of a sort) on binary files, if you have changed 
them since your last backup.

if you are abacking up over a network, it will even allow ssh as a 
transport and optional compression.

[yes, I like it! :-)]

e.g rsync -e ssh -av /local/dir user at remote:/backup/dir

Stuart Sears RHCE,RHCX

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