Kernel Compile error (LFS on my i386/20)

mrnobby no at spam.please
Fri Jul 2 10:39:02 PDT 2004

I started the kernel compile a few days ago and because make menuconfig
was rather slow on it, I created the .config on another machine and
copied it across to the '386.

The compile was going really well until make bzImage when it crashed out
with over a screen full of errors with 'balloc' mentioned in lots of
places. 'balloc's is exactly what I thought so I immediately did a make
bzImage again to see if the compile would continue. An hour later it
failed at the same place.

Checked the .config file in vi - looked ok, permissions etc where fine.
I was still reluctant to use make menuconfig and I hate make config so I
did a make mrproper. Then copied the .config file I created on the other
machine, and ran make menuconfig and did and immediate save & exit so it
re-wrote the .config file.

make bzImage just completed successfully 5 minutes ago.

Why did this fail (twice) when I just copied the .config file but
compiled ok when it was re-written by the host machine. Is the .config
accessed in a similar way that lilo accesses lilo.conf. I think not. Can
anyone explain please or offer suggetions?

TIA, Mr Nobby.

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