New box build

John Gay johngay at
Thu Jul 1 14:18:44 PDT 2004

Well, after playing around with grep and cut, I managed to extract the ftp and 
http lines from tne blfs book in a format that wget seems to like. Since I've 
got use of a Broadband connections ATM, I'm fetching it to burn to CD's plus 
some stuff I'm interested in that's not in BLFS.

Next week I'm in Waterford and don't know if I'll have a connection, but I 
should have the time to build Chris' LFS-6.0-TP and and what I want from BLFS 
et-al. I've also got several recent Linux Format DVD's for extra sources, 
including and XFree86, which I know don't have ftp or http lines in the 

The only thing I'm missing ATM is the latest POV-Ray. The new sources aren't 
posted yet, so I'll hold off until they are. Otherwise, I've a few more 
packages to chase up for DVD burning. Just found Q-DVD-Author which seems to 
be a good start for a Linux GUI DVD making tool. It biulds on the mjpeg-tools 
and dvdauthor plus QT and a few other tools for a nice point-N-click tool.

So, hopefully, by next week I'll have my new box running with most of the 
tools I want and can resign this one to emergency back-up again.

Just remembered, I need to lookup the tools needed for my NCD Explora Thin X 


	John Gay

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