LVM not ready for prime time yet?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Aug 31 18:39:38 PDT 2004

John Gay wrote:

> I like playing with Linux, but I don't want to be constantly re-installing and 
> upgrading LVM2 as it grows. Also, it'd be nice if grub played nicely with it, 
> but you can't have everything.

LVM2 is stable enough that it will not be a problem for you to start 
using it now. Future upgrades (of version 2.x anyway) will be completely 
backwards compatible, and will not affect your on-disk data.

Granted, there are LVM1 features that have not been released yet for 
LVM2 (snapshots, mirroring, etc.), but you don't have those features _at 
all_ without LVM, so not having them because you are using LVM2 is no 
great loss. By using LVM2 now, you will be ready to use those features 
when they are released, without having to rebuild your entire storage 
system to switch over at that time.

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