Microstar comments?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Tue Aug 31 11:17:34 PDT 2004

On Tue 31 Aug 2004 17:01, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> John Gay wrote:
> > Silly me. So what's the big advantage of SATA if each interface can only
> > handle one drive?
> Speed. Hotplug support. Smaller cables. Longer cables. All your friends
> are doing it.

I see. Well, two of my friends recently committed suicide by jumping in a 
river, but I'm not following them.

I prefer to have more drives, since no single drive is big enough. (Who was 
that idiot who said that 640K of memory was more than enough for anyone?)

Speed sounds good, but I thought it was going to be awhile before the 
harddrive technology could deliver on the speed issue?

I don't see a need for hotplugging harddrives in my application.

Smaller, longer cables are an improvement, but with the right tower and 
careful placement of my raid card and I should be O.K.

But thanks for the info.


	John Gay

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