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Hui Zhou zhouhui at wam.umd.edu
Tue Aug 31 07:29:40 PDT 2004

On 30 Aug 2004, [iso-8859-1] Björn Lindberg wrote:

> Hui Zhou <zhouhui at wam.umd.edu> writes:
> > On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 02:37:18AM +0200, Bj?rn Lindberg wrote:
> > >I agree with Ian here. If gaining widespread acceptance means making
> > > Linux to be like Windoze,
> >
> > That's your interpretation. To pay attention to what *idiots* need
> > (intuitive)
> Intuition is expectations based on previous experience. Since the
> "desktop" metaphor is not one anymore, "intuitive" pretty much means
> Windows. I consider the concept of "intuitive behaviour" to be grossly
> misused, and is basically a cop-out people use, because they cannot
> figure out how a good UI should look & behave.

Mostly agreed here. Look at the number of people who are happy (or not
hating) windows, don't you guys think there is parts of it are *good* or
at least worth learning from?

I read all the follow-ups. Trust me, I am not new to those jokes on the
stupidity in windows. I would like to ask: what is the purpose you guys
retelling these jokes here? To make a good laugh? LOL, I laughed at them
even I heard them before. But to use that to overwrite the merit of
entire windows just doesn't make me feel comfortable.

I believe, for some time now, your above statements are the reason that
many linux developers avoid GUI, disregard the difficulty level. Because
once they try to design a GUI, it always at some parts behave (if not
looks) like windows, which make them loathe.

Is it a fact that some developers think more about *not like windows* than
what is a good UI?

OK, what is a good UI anyway if intuitive is not one of its criteria?

In my opinion, the quality of UI has to be user related, thus related to
their UI experience (and I admit that is unfortunate). Samething as arts,
which has to be enjoyed by people. Since they are experience related,
different time has different standard of what is good. Van Gogh didn't
make good painting at his time because there is too few people can enjoy
it (well, even now, but definitely more people than his time). Let's ask
whose art is better art, Van Gogh's or da vinci's? Do you judge from a
vote, auction prices, experts evaluation, or your personal taste? The fact
is: there is no standards. As long as there are people enjoy or
appreciate it, it is a good art, and is people related. Now back to UI.
There is nothing wrong that the linux community think windows is all junk,
and there is nothing wrong that some people enjoy console more than
anything else. I just don't think a system or software developed by this
group of geniuses will ever be remotely as popular as windows --- at least
not in this age.

And don't get too serious on this thread ;-)

Hui Zhou

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