Microstar comments?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Tue Aug 31 00:35:31 PDT 2004

On Tue 31 Aug 2004 03:35, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> John Gay wrote:
> > Since there are so many hardware guru's here, I was hoping to get some
> > feedback on this before asking them to order one in for me.
> I have only one MSI motherboard (for an Athlon XP), but it's been the
> best one I've ever had. Reliable, no quirks or weird behavior. And then,
> I accidentally fried some traces, and now the floppy controller doesn't
> work anymore. Good thing I don't need it much :-)

Thanx for the info.

I did quite a bit of googling last night.

Seems the VAI K8T800 and VT8237 are supported with a minimal 2.6.7 kernel. 
I'll just need to disable the IDE Generic and enable the K8T800 chipset.

The broadcom BCM5705 Gigabit controller sounds slightly more difficult. From 
googling, seems it 'should' work as a tg3 card, but there are discussions 
from mar 2003 about a buggy driver. Broadcom does provide a Linux driver, but 
comments suggest the kernels one is better?

Armed with this info, I'll go ahead and order it, if they can get it. I'll 
also start collecting a few hard drives. the 130G has passed the magic 
100Euro level. The MB has two ATA connectors, two SATA connectors and I've 
got an ATA raid card. So that's 8 ATA drives plus 4 SATA drives when I'm 
feeling rich (-;

Now I just need to read up on LVM and RAID.


	John Gay

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