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Fri Aug 27 19:23:06 PDT 2004

On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 01:49:34AM +0100, Matthew Burgess wrote:
>On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:18:36 -0400
>Hui Zhou <zhouhui at wam.umd.edu> wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 11:07:10PM +0100, Matthew Burgess wrote:

>It was a joke :)  

Well, I didn't meant to be serious. :)

>It remains to be seen whether he can get a clue about the threat that
>Linux & FOSS pose to his business plan in time to prevent it from losing
>too much market share.  His reactionary approach as opposed to
>being proactive in regard to even simple features like pop-up blocking,
>spyware detection/removal, software firewalls, etc. are causing concern
>amongst more and more of his userbase.  The fact that the corporation,
>its products and its userbase are so huge now, means that patches to
>rectify security flaws and implement security enhancing features are
>becoming slower and slower to get to market.  There's also the cynics
>(myself included) who believe that whilst there is money to be made from
>selling firewall and anti-virus solutions, Microsoft will continue to
>only pay lip-service to the problems it causes its users on a daily

Maybe he (Gates) is well aware of it, but is enjoying the power of 
his monopoly and testing how far he can go? If I were him, I wouldn't 
care about losing what is too much for me to spend. :)
>Unfortunately, computer software seems to be treated like it _should_ go
>wrong, and that these problems are unavoidable.  If your car, or your TV
>set, for example, were as unreliable and unsafe as the vast majority of
>software is today (it's not _just_ MS Windows), there'd be an absolute
>uproar, and I'd think that hefty fines would be levied on the guilty
>parties and entire product lines would be recalled.  

Well, think about it: if almost every car or tv come from one 
manufactor, we may getting cars equipped with all kinds of whistles 
(real whistle) but not improving in reiability. People are amazingly 
able to get used to things if they don't see their neighbours are any 

>It's 01:45 here and whilst I could go on I'm sure you get the point. 
>And no, I don't have any solutions or suggestions on how to rectify the
>above situation.  

The observations in linux is we either copycat windows software 
(many gui linux software are just imitators of the windows conterparts) 
or too arogant admit the strength in windows and stay in console. 
If we really want to compete with Microsoft, we have to study windows 
first. As a starter, how about make a linux program that Aunt Tillie 
can use? I guess the fact is, most linux users or developers 
subconsciously want to maintain the state that only the smarties as 
themself can use their software, which make the competition with MS 
not even at the same ground.

>Microsofts userbase need to be made aware that they don't have to put up
>with viruses and spyware, etc - they're not part and parcel of owning a

Now we are so certain that these annoyances comes with Gates' OS. When 
the day comes that every living soul is using linux, I wonder can we 
still be that confident? (Yes, I am aware that this is the argument 
from M$)
>With that, I'll step down off the soap-box...for now anyway :)

Good night. :-)
Hui Zhou

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