CPU related query

Andrew Calkin calkin at ieee.org
Fri Aug 27 01:49:27 PDT 2004

Hi All,

Thanks all for the feedback. My conclusion is:

1) The CPU is fine (I saw pics of ruined CPU's on the Tom's HW site-
nothing like that occurred)
2) I checked, and the mobo is _not_ Prescott-ready.
3) I have only 1.5 weeks to solve this problem.
4) It looks like I will be buying a mobo _as_well_ to support this 
chip <sigh>.
5) Even so, it is still cheaper than the only other option I found for
sourcing a similar chip (albeit only by around ~US$30).

Based on this, does anyone have a recommendation for a mobo with
excellent linux support which supports P4 Prescott, and is cheeeeap?
The current board is nothing special- the only thing it needs to have is
onboard audio which is supported in the kernel. I will have to do a
kernel recompile on this thing too... it has a redhat base <sigh>.

The sysadmin is planning to move to netBSD... I guess non-homogeneous HW
environment for the transition is _just_ what he wanted for extra
headaches <big sigh>.


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