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Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Fri Aug 27 11:59:37 PDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:40:47 -0400
Jason Gurtz <jason at tommyk.com> wrote:

> On 8/27/2004 06:17, Ian Molton wrote:
> > ARGH not that horribly biased article *again*. THG is *crapola*
>  There are certainly worse places to go then toms.  Maybe boy wonder
> Anand "who's buying him today" La Shimpi is better.... hrm

I always considered them to both be about as juvenile as each other.
> That word is key.  The article in question is very old now but *was*
> relevant at that time because the AMD platform consisted mostly of
> shitty VIA chipset boards that did not support the feature.

Thats hardly a fair review then - the intel world at the same price
range had barely ANY boards available at all, and those that were were
shitty unreliable VIA boards at best.

>  Only the
> rich could afford to get the rare boards that had the actual AMD
> chipset which was much better.

I wasnt rich and the ASUS K7M was a superb board. I believe mine still
lives on in chris' machine.

> > 3) Heatsinks *dont* fall off, unless you violate the specs of the
> > mounts on the board (as many heatsinks did at that time).
> Except sometimes in shipping...

Only if they were heavier than the CPU mount specified, as was proven in
court at the time.

> > so, OK AMD systems shut down, but thats not really any worse than a
> > system that runs uselessly slowly anyway.
> Hmm, that really depends on the situation.  Just this last week the
> cpu fan died on the mail server here at work (intel P-200MMX) 
> Actually, it probably died about 2 or 3 weeks ago and the only reason
> I found out was because of an intermittent beep that I couldn't quite
> locate in the server room and user complaints of the web mail being
> "pretty slow".

I call bullshit. I have owned a number of P-200MMX boxen and that chip
does NOT have thermal throttling.

> Had the machine just turned off it would have been an immediate and
> catastrophic loss of business communications (with pagers going off
> and interrupting my other work).

A current AMD board would have kept going in that circumstance too. its
'no heatsink at all' situations they shut down completely in. That
circumstance should never happen in a well built box (and anyone running
a server that isnt well built deserves what they get).

> Our point of sale terminals happen to run mostly AMD K6-2 450 CPU's on
> an FIC board featuring the VIA mvp3 chipset.  What happens when the
> fan totally fails on those?  Why the machine does nothing but
> bluescreen over and over again.

Heh. Yeah I remember those. nice systems - when they worked! (I loved my
K6-III on MVP4 though. that was a compile monster...)

> I'm not trying to say that THG is "really awesome" or "all that and a
> bowl of porridge" but to say that it's just blanket crap is going a
> bit too far IMO.

The only good thing on it is video card reviews. but thats the same on
all 'hardware sites'. The people running those sites wouldnt recognise a
register or IO port if it jumped out of the kernel, swum through a
compiler, leapt off their monitor, and bit them on the nose.

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