Can't Build glut-3.7

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Fri Aug 27 06:19:13 PDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:55:33 +0000, dienadel <no at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I can't build glut-3.7, but i don't know why, because there is no error
> messages. What i do:
> cd glut-3.7
> cp linux/ .
> ../mkmkfiles.imake
> cd lib/linux
> make
> The build process finishes without errors or something similar, but, as said
> in the README: "This should build the shared library ''"
> But i haven't it. The most similar is "libglut.a", but as the next
> instructions are:
> ln -s
> ln -s
> i can't follow up
> Perhaps, the instructions says that before doing "make": ***Now, take the
> Makefile out of the archive and replace the old one.*** (when says this, is
> supposed that i'm in the directory lib/glut). I don't exactly understand
> this, so i've probed running "make" with the Makefile that appears when i
> enter in lib/linux, and with the Makefile.bak, that i suppose is the
> original but after running ./mkmkfiles.imake has changed. But the results
> are the same.
> Any idea?
> Thanks
> dienadel

I've never had much success with glut, but I have used freeglut with
no problems. You may want to check it out:

Just to whet your appetite (a quote):
The original GLUT library seems to have been abandoned with the most
recent version (3.7) dating back to August 1998. Its license does not
allow anyone to distribute modified library code. This would be OK, if
not for the fact that GLUT is getting old and really needs
improvement. Also, GLUT's license is incompatible with some software
distributions (e.g., XFree86).


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