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Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Fri Aug 27 03:50:04 PDT 2004

tino rozzo <teak at linux.net> writes:

> What I am simply trying to do is inspire you to make a Linux that even
> an Idiot can understand. People do not have many hours and free time
> to go on safari and try and figure things out. So, If you are going to
> do something-All I ask is you come up with ideas for us who aren't as
> educated as you are. I think OS systems would be more fun that way.

There are already several distributions that an idiot can
understand. But learning to use Linux, as impied by the verb, does
require some "learning", and thus might not be for the idiot. But that
goes for any OS or platform.

In general I find your attitude very destructive. All interaction
with computers requires some amount of learning. To be able to use
powerful and useful tools, there is simply no way around having to
learn of to use them.

Learning things is what we humans are good at, and what makes us grow
and thrive. Try to see an opportunity to learn something as just that;
an opportunity. Going through life striving to learn as little as
possible is not the way.


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