CPU related query

Andrew Calkin calkin at ieee.org
Fri Aug 27 03:06:46 PDT 2004


>From the tom's hw article I quoted in my email, they _removed_ a
heatsink from a P4 while the computer was on, and _playing_quake3_.
The noted effects were a slow-down, then stop of quake3 as the chip
throttled-down its speed due to internal sensors detecting overheating.
This was done _without_ damaging the chip. They even have movies showing
the test. The AMD chips died almost instantly under the same test, and
the P3 machine shut down, but the chip was not damaged.

So I _doubt_ I damaged the chip at all. And it gives me more reason to
consider P4's over AMD chips, in the case of catastrophic failure (e.g.
HS and fan falling off).


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