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 von tino rozzo folgendes:  :
>The only crack I have is in my ass. 

Great for you.

>Actually, I don't think you
> understnd me well. Maybe that is my fault. 

Maybe? ;)

>I had little experience
> with linux. 


>And I had this dream going on. 

Because of the crack?

>Maybe I could learn by
> building a Distro thing, get the nuts and bolts. 

Maybe :-)

>Then I discovered
> that it wasn't easy at all and I should learn more. 

You really should.

>So, I am on this
> list to follow and learn-hope to contribute when I can. 


>After all, do
> we have any Bill Gates fans on this list?

On a world without fences who needs gates?

>As a newbie, and speaking for othet newbies, 

Are you?

>It is always difficult to
> learn. 


>Luckily I Invested in Xandros. I picked up more in two weeks
> then in reading lame ass books, including programming in Python. My
> goodness-I have grown with Linux more then I imagined. But still
> having multitudes of problems.

That isn't a problem.

>I get regular conmplaints about C++ anyway. And since the early 80's I
> have programmed in VS Basic (Virtual Storage) and Fortran. even
> before Linux I heard thing about C++.  I operated IBM 1130 IBM 360
> and used much JCL. I have dreamed of creating my own language. And
> may do taht instead.

Go on dreaming.

>You must be very rich to afford all those OS systems. 


>Not hard to
> understand what I am trying to convey simply-If you are putting
> together a Distro, you must truly be aware that simplicity is a key.


> People even have diffculty with MS Windows? 

What's that! MS!

>When I go to the store,
> there are also very few Linux Software packages. Or anythnig that
> runs on linux.

Which shop!

>What I am simply trying to do is inspire you to make a Linux that even
> an Idiot can understand. 

Be aware of understanding Linux then!

>People do not have many hours and free time

It depends on the people!

> to go on safari 

Please, go on.

>and try and figure things out. So, If you are going
> to do something-All I ask is you come up with ideas for us 

Who are these people you are speaking about?

>who aren't
> as educated as you are. I think OS systems would be more fun that
> way.

May I have fun with what I decide to have with?

>Yes, there are those others and Xandros is filling my bill.

Great, so you don't pay taxes.

>Lets end it here


-and I hope that all those folks enjoy Pheonix VS
> basic for Linux. Well, good luck and I hope you kick Bill Gates ass.

There is no need for. Hitler wouldn't have been Hitler when nobody
would have been following him.

> Talk about crack-take a look at that theif.


>Ian Molton wrote:
>> On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 07:02:32 -0700 (PDT)
>> tino rozzo <teak at linux.net> wrote:
>>>Many of us don't have the hours or hours to figure out the
>>> complexities of many things. So through that, maybe this can be a
>>> consideration for anyone woring on a serious distro.
>> Is this guy smoking crack?
>I believe so, yes. And he's not sharing.

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