Can't Build glut-3.7

dienadel no at
Fri Aug 27 03:55:33 PDT 2004


I can't build glut-3.7, but i don't know why, because there is no error
messages. What i do:

cd glut-3.7
cp linux/ .
cd lib/linux

The build process finishes without errors or something similar, but, as said
in the README: "This should build the shared library ''"

But i haven't it. The most similar is "libglut.a", but as the next
instructions are:
ln -s
ln -s
i can't follow up

Perhaps, the instructions says that before doing "make": ***Now, take the
Makefile out of the archive and replace the old one.*** (when says this, is
supposed that i'm in the directory lib/glut). I don't exactly understand
this, so i've probed running "make" with the Makefile that appears when i
enter in lib/linux, and with the Makefile.bak, that i suppose is the
original but after running ./mkmkfiles.imake has changed. But the results
are the same.

Any idea?



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