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John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Fri Aug 27 00:56:54 PDT 2004

On Fri 27 Aug 2004 02:28, tino rozzo wrote:
> The only crack I have is in my ass. Actually, I don't think you understnd
> me well. Maybe that is my fault. 

Tino, obviously english isn't your first language. This probably contributes 
to the confusion.

> I had little experience with linux. And I 
> had this dream going on. Maybe I could learn by building a Distro thing,
> get the nuts and bolts. Then I discovered that it wasn't easy at all and I
> should learn more. So, I am on this list to follow and learn-hope to
> contribute when I can. After all, do we have any Bill Gates fans on this
> list?
Yes, building a Distro is extremely advanced, even for a seasoned Linux user. 
This is a good place to learn, but I would suggest that a LUG in your local 
area and native language would be of more value.

> As a newbie, and speaking for othet newbies, It is always difficult to
> learn. Luckily I Invested in Xandros. I picked up more in two weeks then in
> reading lame ass books, including programming in Python. My goodness-I have
> grown with Linux more then I imagined. But still having multitudes of
> problems.
There is nothing like hands-on learning. No book can copy that. I'm glad you 
found a Distro that suits your needs and abilities. As for your particular 
difficulties, if they are Xandros related, a Xandros list should be able to 
help. For languages, I'm afraid I can only recommend books, though many newer 
languages have mailing lists.

> I get regular conmplaints about C++ anyway. And since the early 80's I have
> programmed in VS Basic (Virtual Storage) and Fortran. even before Linux I
> heard thing about C++.  I operated IBM 1130 IBM 360 and used much JCL. I
> have dreamed of creating my own language. And may do taht instead.
C++ is a different sort of language from Basic and Fortran. And I'm not 
surprised you've heard of C++ before Linux. Most of M$ Windows is built in 
C++. But creating a new language is even more difficult than a new Linux 
Distro. Again, search the web for tips and tutorials, though. I did find one 
that taught C by building a small C compiler, though it stops half way 

> You must be very rich to afford all those OS systems. Not hard to
> understand what I am trying to convey simply-If you are putting together a
> Distro, you must truly be aware that simplicity is a key. People even have
> diffculty with MS Windows? When I go to the store, there are also very few
> Linux Software packages. Or anythnig that runs on linux.
It's not about the money. In most countries, Windows comes pre-installed on 
computers and the price is included in the hardware, even though this is now 
illegal. As for Linux, most people down-load their favourite Distro or buy 
cheap CD's from various sources. 

Also, most Linux packages never make it to the software market. The target is 
moving too fast for boxed sets. Again, the packages are on the Internet. Most 
Distros have packaging systems and repositories available to download most 
any package that runs on Linux tailored for that Distro.

> What I am simply trying to do is inspire you to make a Linux that even an
> Idiot can understand. People do not have many hours and free time to go on
> safari and try and figure things out. So, If you are going to do
> something-All I ask is you come up with ideas for us who aren't as educated
> as you are. I think OS systems would be more fun that way.
Well, many distros are trying to do just that. Xandros is a good one, also 
Mandrake, Knoppix and many others. Other distros are aimed a little higher, 
such as RedHat, Slackware and Debian. Linux From Scratch is aimed at the 
people who are very comfortable with Linux, but find that most Distros don't 
meet their needs, or just want to get 'under the bonnet'. It will never be a 
'simple' Distro, though there are many who are trying to create simple 
systems based on it.

> Yes, there are those others and Xandros is filling my bill.
Glad Xandros is working for you. Linux is a very personal thing. Finding a 
Distro is like trying to find a suit that fits you, except each suit maker 
only make particular sizes and styles.

> Lets end it here-and I hope that all those folks enjoy Pheonix VS basic for
> Linux. Well, good luck and I hope you kick Bill Gates ass. Talk about
> crack-take a look at that theif.
Don't take the comments here the wrong way. People were just poking fun and 
having a laugh only because your thought were not clearly expressed.

Basic is not favoured by most Linux users, as it should have died many years 
ago, and only M$ continued and expanded it, it's now mostly used by script 
kiddies to write macro virii. You won't find many Linux users even remotely 
interested in any form of Basic. 

As for Gates bashing, that is another sign of your newbie-ness. Yes, Gates has 
done much to slow down computer development to ensure M$'s dominance. But we 
all know that. It's a very dead horse to flog. It's kinda like saying 'Gee,  
isn't grass very green?'

> Tino
However, welcome to Linux! I hope you find it useful and enlightening.


	John Gay

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