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Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Thu Aug 26 07:25:01 PDT 2004

tino rozzo <teak at linux.net> writes:

> >From what I gather from this list, even more experienced people have
> problems. Even as a newbee I have discovered when I was experimenting
> with Mandrake, and now I own Xandros, that Linux seems to be the
> technicians OS and still challenging. Windows is still simpler, yet at
> what price? I understand MS Windows can really eat the hardrive.

Are you aware that this list is a part of the Linux From Scratch
project, and that most of us here build our Linux systems from
scratch? :-)

> But through me or any newbee one should be able to gage what kind of
> Linux system one wishes to create. I find most freeware for linux
> isn't packaged. Which can drive a newbee insane. Escpeially when the
> download instructions aren't clear.

All Linux distributions I know of have a package system, and typically
have available a huge number of popular programs packaged for that
particular distribution. Installing a certain program is often a
matter of just selecting it from a list. In other words: I don't
understand what you are talking about.

> Everyone I know seems to have problems with C++. I know I took heat
> for this, but I'll say outside the Chipmunk Basic I found I have a
> Python compiler-and Python seems very simple, then there is a Visual
> Basic for Linux I downloaded and explored from Janus Software. They
> have Java too.

C++ is quite complex, but can be useful in its niche. I certainly
agree that there are languages which are easier to program with,
especially if you are not an expert. Python is one of them. Common
Lisp is a very nice language.

> If you want an alternative, maybe that should do it. But for
> developers I would suggest for newbies and people with 0 time, to make
> packaged software or a program that pacackages and runs software.

It has already been done. It is called Mandrake/Red hat/Debian/etc.

> Many of us don't have the hours or hours to figure out the
> complexities of many things. So through that, maybe this can be a
> consideration for anyone woring on a serious distro.

I don't understand why you lump together the difficulties of learning
how to program in a certain language with installation problems you
seem to have.


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