New build- testing- any pointers before I start?

Dominic Hilsbos dhilsboslfs at
Fri Aug 20 18:39:32 PDT 2004

I'm gonna build the current testing book over the
weekend for my "production" server.  I know, I know,
but it isn't really a production server, it's just the
computer I leave running all the time.  I'm going to
need, in addition to the base LFS: mgetty, pppd,
Apache httpd, and Samba, are all of those fairly
stable in testing?  Although I'll porobably grab the
latest of the extras.  I don't want to do the official
5.1, as I REALLY want to run a 2.6 kernel.  Any
pointers, advice or thoughts on this would be welcome.

Oh, and by the way, do any of you know where AI could
get mgetty?  All the distros seem to have iut, but I
don't know where it comes from, I googled, bu no luck.
 If I can't find it I'll just bang my head against the
wall with the version that comes with MDK 9.2, though
I'll build from the sources, on the LFS.

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