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Thu Aug 19 15:16:50 PDT 2004

On Thursday 19 August 2004 19:46, tino rozzo wrote:
> I do owe some thanks on this list, I have learned more here then anywhere.
> And reading the book does take the mystery out of many things.
> Luckily I have a Python and Unix console to experiment with, and I
> recvommend Chipmunk Basic. I learned VS Basic in the early 80's. Very close
> with a few changes. Visual Basic looks good too. That Linux VB should take
> off like a rocket.
> The Library has Linux in a Nutshell, and Idiots Guide with MAndrake.
> But-If i develop a Linus Distro, all these problems are teaching me what
> could be from linux.
> Thank again
> Tino
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Do you have a link to the idiots guide?

Thanks, cedric
The only dumb question is the one omitted

De enige domme vraag is degene die niet gesteld wordt

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