Compaq iPAQ 3130 Some success.

John Gay johngay at
Thu Aug 19 13:59:40 PDT 2004

Well, after the opie version failed to install twice, I figured it was because 
of an interrupted download when I ran out of diskspace, so I fetched it again 
and tried the gpe version, which worked fine.

First it came up with the backlight on, and then presented a keyboard. I 
played with it a bit, but I've re-fetched the opie version and verified the 
md5sum this time.

I still remember getting my Pilot Pro, thinking it was the best thing. I 
played around with it for ages and now can't live without a handheld of some 
type. I followed the uCLinux project to see how they'd get on, but when it 
could only run with the TSR 8M memory board, I decided that the Pilot O/S was 
much better suited to this form factor. It worked from 1M of flash and 1M 

So I guess we owe a debt of gratitude to M$ for defining the PocketPC format 
that requires so much memory for wince that Linux can easily fit (-;

Still not sure of the state of this battery. If I can't get a proper charge on 
it, I'll have to put wince back on and return the ipaq. Then I'll see if 
there is a colour version going cheap in Ireland to continue my 


	John Gay

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