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Allard Welter (allard at wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 August 2004 20:56, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> > On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:38:22 +0200
> >
> > Allard Welter <allard at> wrote:
> > > Only when we slowed down a bit did they cross in front of us and
> > > subsequently stopped running.
> >
> > Stopped running, or stopped doing anything because you were feeling
> > particularly evil and sped up, just at the point they went in front
> > of the car :)  I'm sure other languages are susceptible to it, but I
> > find it fascinating how easy it is to "read between the lines" with
> > English, and interpret almost any passage in more than one way.  I'd
> > be interested to hear from any of our bi- or multi-linguists on the
> > relative levels of interpretation possible in their known langauges.
> >
> Chortle ... no that wasn't the intention. We let them cross. They simply 
> stood in a group looking somewhat nonplussed but nevertheless pleased 
> with themselves.
> Regarding reading between the lines in language - english beats dutch 
> hands down is my opinion.
> -- 

It is not that your prose was accidentially vague, it was deliberately
so.  So the birds stopped running and basta.  The rest is up to the
readers' imagination, stopped to catch their breath, contemplating their
next meal or cursing those annoying, obstructionist tourists.  Let the
reader make of it what he/she/it will.  I thought it a good read, well

Maybe you should have said "the English beat the Dutch hands down"  as
masters of (often misleading ergo humorous) interpretation.  I think you
got it right earlier..  you've been in the Netherlands too long.  You have
adopted the concept of "normaal".  There is a set way in which any one
thing is interpreted..  every one does it that way and sooner or later so
will you.

Wake up man...  You are in the Matrix!


PS.  Quick, gimme a phone,  "get me out of here Tank!"

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