moneypolies (was demoncracy)

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Wed Aug 18 08:45:44 PDT 2004

Hello all,

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:39:10 +0200, Allard Welter <allard at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 August 2004 22:23, Björn Lindberg wrote:
> > > Actually I think linux is pretty relevant. Do you think windoze
> > > will charge people in developing countries less because they can
> > > afford less? It's worth a thought - The linux crusades ...
> >
> > Actually, they do -- but only when the developing country is about to
> > adopt Linux.
> >
> I read this last night and thought ha-ha, good joke. After more
> contemplation however this wouldn't surprise me. Were you serious??
> --
It's actually a well known fact that this is part of the MS strategy.

Those are two articles about one lower cost version for asia (slashdot
links in case you want to read comments),39020645,39163137,00.htm

That's an article entitled: Microsoft picks five countries for cheap Windows

Oh and heres an interesting commentary called "How Microsoft Can
Embrace Linux", which though a commentary, speaks about M$ in
devleoping nations.

Linux has to be more than "free" to compete with Bill. Luckily, it is!


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