an apology

Tony Sequeira tony at
Wed Aug 18 00:43:37 PDT 2004

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 03:41:07 -0300, michael wrote

> I suppose one of my recent postings has appeared  shocking to some of  
> you,namely the one about time going backwards,i commited the common  
> mistake of confusing an internet chat with an actual one,but i only became  
> aware of  it after the fatal click.You see,bringing up the matter of  
> conditions in this country really stirs up a lot of rage ,that,combined  
> with the accompanying feeling of impotence to change anything is an ideal  
> setting for mr Hyde to take over.Please accept my apologies.

I see no reason for an apology, after all this *is* the chat group.

I cannot believe anyone was offended by your comments.  I was born in a colony
that turned into a dictatorship, and is now a 'democracy'.  I can empathise with
your feelings.

As to time going backwards, if people are offended by flights of imagination,
they are possibly in the wrong community, and definitely in the wrong forum.

My 2 tambalas worth.


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