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Mon Aug 16 22:15:32 PDT 2004

Yes,democracy in the third world,...we're to have local elections in  
october,there are zig parties that no one can associate with any ideas,and  
even if they had any there would be no way for us to know what they would  
be,since political propaganda on tv is limited to a minute (yes,one  
minute) per candidate,that there are hundreds of,and it has to be a  
previously submitted taped message.People are so poor and overburdened  
that they don't watch anyway,so to get their votes candidates give them  
cement,food,and what have you.Here in my once beautiful county we have a  
very brave and honest woman as mayor,but since she stepped on the local  
mafia's toes she'll probably be defeated by the old don (a confirmed  
assassin with ties to the drug barons of nearby rio whose trade flourished  
during his last tenure) who's coming back in force.As an example of  
favourable conditions for that,if you can't afford private health care  
(that's 85% of the population ),you have to stay in line beginning at 11  
pm in near zero cold at this time of year to be seen by an exhausted and  
underpaid doctor the next day around 4 pm for five minutes,and if you're  
serious the soonest you'll be admitted in hospital is six months later.I  
wonder why this doesn't explode.Our new president that we had so much hope  
in went the beaten trail.We need a Chavez,which might be dangerous but  
hardly worse than this..But i guess this is way out from what an lfs-chat  
would be expected to feature :-)

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