why time is going by faster

michael michael8110 at terra.com.br
Sat Aug 14 23:44:32 PDT 2004

It is everyone's experience that dull times seem to go by faster than  
one's perception ;"what,friday already?" .And vice-versa;witness what  
happens the day after departure on a trip "seems like a week already!".The  
fact ,however,that nowadays in general ,old and young alike, feel that  
time is accelerating would tend to suggest therefore that our lives as a  
whole are becoming duller,that we are becoming increasingly passive in the  
face of events that we cannot control ,that our lives are gradually losing  
their value and meaning,and to bring back and old term,that we are  
becoming increasingly alienated.I wonder if people in the developed world  
feel the same or if this is worse here in the third world where  
disillusion with democracy and capitalism is a fact,and a general feeling  
of hopelessness is prevalent.Any ideas?

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