Split and cat

dienadel no at use.this.es
Fri Aug 13 06:44:52 PDT 2004


I have a file with size 2,5 Mb. I want to cut it into two pieces to save
them in a disquette. For it, i've made:

split --bytes=1250000 original.file

And have saved the two resultant files (xaa and xab) in 2 disquettes. ok.
When i want to make de original file, i copy them in the HD i make:

cat xaa xab > original.file.2

Then original.file=original.file.2 in size. I have probed it with a mp3 and
all is perfect and sounds the same way.

But as is the first time i made it i don't know if this the correct way, or
there is another way more secure o something. Is a file that is really
important and i don't want to lose it.

Is ok this way?



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