LFS router with AMD Geode NX

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 11 06:35:50 PDT 2004

Dan Osterrath wrote:

> What do you think about the Lex CV860A-3R53 with a Lex Light Case and a Lex 
> WLan-Light-A add on?
> - fanless solution
> - Via Eden 533
> - 3x LAN
> - 1x WLAN
> - 1x PC133/100 SDRAM DIMM socket (up to 512MB)
> - 1x IDE port for 2.5" HD
> - 1x Compact Flash socket
> - external power supply
> http://www.lex.com.tw
> http://www.mini-itx.de

That looks pretty nice, although that has to be one of the most annoying 
websites I've ever seen :-)

> PS: What about the problems with gcc and VIAs missing cmov instruction? Is it 
> sufficient to say -march=c3 or do I need to do a uname hack? The mailing 
> lists only mention problems with gcc 3.2.x

I believe current gcc no longer has a problem, using -march=c3 takes 
care of it.

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