LFS router with AMD Geode NX

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at gmx.de
Wed Aug 11 00:41:08 PDT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 11. August 2004 01:51 schrieb Kevin P. Fleming:
> Dan Osterrath wrote:
> > Yes, but it should have a very small form factor and has to support 1.5V
> > core voltage. I wouldn't call this "standard".
> I don't think a 1.5V core is that hard to find support for; most of the
> new Athlon XP CPUs are in that range anyway. Small form factor is open
> to debate; if you're going to have a hard drive and a CD-ROM drive, you
> won't be able to get much smaller than a mini-ITX case, in which a
> Micro-ATX motherboard fits perfectly. Doesn't have two LAN ports, though
> :-(

In fact I couldn't find any mini-ITX board bundled with the Geode NX. I'm even 
not sure whether the NX version is already being shipped.
So probably I will go with a VIA Eden board.
What do you think about the Lex CV860A-3R53 with a Lex Light Case and a Lex 
WLan-Light-A add on?
- fanless solution
- Via Eden 533
- 3x LAN
- 1x WLAN
- 1x PC133/100 SDRAM DIMM socket (up to 512MB)
- 1x IDE port for 2.5" HD
- 1x Compact Flash socket
- external power supply


PS: What about the problems with gcc and VIAs missing cmov instruction? Is it 
sufficient to say -march=c3 or do I need to do a uname hack? The mailing 
lists only mention problems with gcc 3.2.x
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