NonStandard Directory Tree, Wildcards in PATH, etc

Jeremy Henty jeremy at
Tue Aug 10 11:31:13 PDT 2004

Ian Molton wrote:

> Jeremy Henty <jeremy at> wrote:
> > [snip,jch]
> > Joking aside, putting the OS in a non-root directory is a good
> > idea.  Windows got this right.
> Could you expound on that a bit?

Blimey, you expect me to justify my bullshit??!!??  :-) Mostly it's my
love of tidyness and uniformity: I like things to be modular and for
directories to contain a module, the whole of that module and nothing
but that module.  "/" on Unix systems contains several directories
that are part of the core OS ("/usr", "/dev" etc.) and several others
that are not ("/mnt", "/home", "/opt" etc.).  Yuk!

*But* ... now wouldn't it be cool to have several versions of the OS
in directories called "/linux-<version>", a symlink /linux ->
linux-<version-current> and be able to change versions by pointing
that symlink elsewhere and rebooting.  Is this feasible?  Not when
booting with lilo, but might grub be able to do it?



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