LFS router with AMD Geode NX

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at gmx.de
Tue Aug 10 07:16:13 PDT 2004

> It is Socket A compatible, though, so you could use any standard Socket
> A board that has a BIOS upgrade to support this processor.

Yes, but it should have a very small form factor and has to support 1.5V core 
voltage. I wouldn't call this "standard".

> However, if
> you're really building a "router", why do you need 2 IDE ports and VGA
> output?

Primary for installation and maintainance reasons. ;-)
One hard disc for runtime and a cd drive for installation. This saves me some 
headaches and gives me the freedom for upgrading with a second hard disc 

> I'd rather get a Linksys WRT54GS for under $100US and hack away
> on the open-source firmware,

How can I install mldonkey on it? *fg*

> or build my own using a Soekris board
> (which can be had with a 266MHz previous generation Geode, 3xEthernet,
> mini-PCI, etc).

I've found severals with the old NS Geode GX processor, too. But a AMD Geode 
NX would be nice to have.
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